Honcoop Technology Services was founded in January 2008 to provide a new approach towards IT services to the Billings market. The values that make HTS different are reflected in how we work with our customers’ needs.

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What Makes Honcoop Technology Services Different?

Ethical Business Practices

We promise to focus on the needs of our customers in the most ethical way possible. We will ensure that our customers have the systems and software to provide the desired level of functionality, while reducing overall costs. We believe wholeheartedly in providing the most transparent transactions possible, so that our customers know at all times our motivations and actions. Finally, we promise to treat our customers as we would like to be treated – even going so far as writing off service work that does not meet our exacting statements.

We are a Service Firm

One of the unique aspects of our business is our emphasis on service and quality rather than sales. We can save our customers a tremendous amount of money due to our purchase volume with large vendors, although we actively look for better pricing to further reduce the costs to the client.  We are committed to providing quality solutions that deliver value by getting it done right the first time.  If we commit an error or mistake, then the resolution of the mistake is at our cost. If our customers aren’t happy with our work, we simply write off the disputed services.

Fee Structure

We know that hiring a consulting service is typically more expensive than hiring an internal IT department.  When we can, we try to reduce the risk, including, but not limited to, block hour or recurring hourly contracts, and offering discounts commensurate with our risk reductions. Our standard contract terms operate under a “memorandum” format; the goal being that it spells out in easy-to-understand language the responsibilities of both parties and provides both sides with discount details. We don’t believe in fine print.


 Mission Statement – We will provide superior service while providing our customers with technologically sound solutions that fit their unique business requirements.


  1. All business will be conducted ethically
  2. Provide objective advice to customers and recommend solutions based on the customer’s needs
  3. Be accountable for solutions and recommendations and correct any deficiencies or issues found
  4. Services and solutions will strive to maximize value to customers

Our Staff

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